720JE Nation of the New Imperium: soldier

"Not every citizen of the nations of Zahein has clear loyalties to The URM, BM or NZ nations, nor are the boundary lines of nationhood as clear cut as those we see on official Mapping guild documents. The self-proclaimed Nation of the New Imperium stands as a unique hybrid of the Old Imperium, the URM, the BM and NZ. Not officially recognized by any nation and set both in collaboration and opposition to them all; the NNI remains as a unique refuge to those seeking  political asylum or an alternative to the philosophical and political rigors of the prevailing powers."
-Arien Rua New Zadoch Guild historian

765JE Sonar-Magnetic imaging display of  Bogorite-Manifestus "Mosquito"

"Born and bred underground deep within the secret catacombs of the Bogorite manufacturing facilities, the Bogorite "Mosquito" is a swift and deadly weapon." Light and agile the "Mosquito" can easily cover 25 metrics in a single leap, it's rigid proboscis effortlessly tearing through body armor and flesh. The proboscis itself works as a two-way pump swiftly robbing its victim of internal liquids and viscera while simultaneously injecting it with virulent disease and bacteria. Easily destroyed with  simple munitions, but very hard to successfully target."
-Science officer Salodeen Tumtuach Zado-Biologic guild

764JE: Rare example of a moving picture cell generated by Sonar-Magnetic imaging display: Bogorite "Mosquito". 

615JE Schematic diaphragm of the temple of the Hive Father

"Intended to be the primary blow to destabilize the Bogorite Manifestus, over time the assassination of the Hive Father in JE720 had wholly the opposite effect. During the initial collapse of the Bogorite Oligarchy the remaining members of the New Zadoch Parliament temporarily halted the military actions of the Zado Militum, forcing the government of New Zadoch to negotiate with the remaining members of the Bogorite royal house....negotiations dragged on for full lunar cycles granting the Bororite Manifestus time to secretly restructure their government under the hand of a new and more despotic power. Soon the Father of the Five fanned the Nation (of the Bogorite Manifestus) into a religious fervor which still threatens to consume our nation and our world."
-Arien Rua New Zadoch Guild historian

672JE Gorrod-Randalis: Bogorite trade city (North West Corridor)

"On a physical, financial, and philosophical level: the Borgorite Manifestus grows further from us day after day. Yet I believe that we can reintegrate our societies and that this reintegration can be largely accomplished through new and healthy trade relationships. Holy Presence guide our nations towards a new spirit of unity and brotherhood. "
-Trensifir Elizen- Officer New Zadoch traders guild
615JE Vendalar City

"For all, the marooning of the Zetta 146 and the consequent exodus to the world of Zahein represented a radical new beginning. For some that meant an opportunity to propel forward unbound by the rules and regulations that they believed had oppressed them. For others, it meant a fresh opportunity to embrace the laws which they believed held society in balance. The founding of Vendalar City represented to its builders a simple and invigorating return to the Central Law of Ethics. "
-Arien Rua New Zadoch Guild historian
792JE Field sketch

"Exoskeletal augmentations, stimulation packs, and constant physiological re-calibrations: We are pushing our soldiers as hard as science, phycology, and the Central Law of Ethics will allow us. Still, it feels as though our efforts to build a wall of defense against the tidal wave of the Bororite Manifestus is at best barely sufficient."
-Madrix Encino- Sargeant Major New Zadoch Marine corps
785JE Bogorite-Manifestus "Night Terror"

"Twilight is a particularly foreboding time on the battlefield, and the nights out here are typically the least restful time of the day. There are things which creep between shadows, which I desire desperately not to remember, but which I can mournfully never forget". 
-Petty field officer Bazel Notiro

765JE Sonar-Magnetic imaging display of Bogorite-Manifestus "Collector"

"In the same way that our war effort is fueled by steel and petrol so the fighting machine of the Bogorite Manifestus is sustained through the collection of raw biological resources....we have monitored many Bogorite entities whose primary purpose is the gathering of such resources (alive or dead) directly off the battle field". 
-Science officer Salodeen Tumtuach Zado-Biologic guild

764JE: Rare example of a moving picture cell generated through Sonar-Magnetic imaging: Bogorite "Collector".

 710JE Morantan Aeroyards

“Since their inception, the Morantan Aeroyards have the been a driving force in the field of New Zadoch aeronautical engineering. While their high-quality civilian air-cars have formed the financial core of the Aeroyard, recent demand by the Zado Militum has had the local factories buzzing around the clock! …. because of the demand on the front lines; it is almost commonplace that such hardware be immediately fielded, even when officially operating at an experimental capacity.”

Passage suspected to be attributed to either:
-Finance ambassador Velo Feraldi V or -Transport Guild leader Dranden Hadrack

700JE Bogorite occupied Orlygustite city limits
“Slowly an evilly are our borders eaten away by the enemy.”
-Lieutenant Sadar Quifar Zado Military guild.

625JE Zetta-146 Memorial Monument
“Our mission to explore the outer rim was ambitious but simple: Get there obtain research and resources for various guild interests and get back again. Yet here we are in the middle of the outer rim with no chance to return for many, many generations…Our emergency landing (here on Zahein) was everything that we could have hoped for; smooth for the most part, with minimal casualties. After the landing, however, there came the dismantling; that was the most horrid business of all. Deaths, from technological malfunctions, deaths from slight miscalculations in operating what we successfully managed to salvage, and many more deaths from radiation poisoning in the salvage process. If it were not for the bravery and sacrifice, of those willing to dismantle the Zetta-146 there would be no New Zadoch.”
 -Guild Navigator Aneros Zanderon

 696JE Commercia–Biologic entrance to the Seldarian Salt mines
“I’ve heard all the rumors about them, and believe me, I never believed them… until now. I always expected the Commercia–Biologic to at least respect the spirit of the Central Law of Ethics, even if they didn’t agree with the letters...First the rumors, and now the documented reality of what has taken place inside the Seldarian Salts Mines...If they (the Commercia–Biologic guild) are not opposed, this Salts mine will be the very least of our worries!” 
-Neifhaen Roadlix Labor guild supervisor 2nd class

652JE New Zadoch commerce certificates and bank notes.

"The free system of Guild trade works because it exploits our citizen's tendency towards greed. In order to gain more capital and ultimately; guild dominance. An individual guild must produce a useful product at a fair price that is superior to other products or commodities at a similar price. When well-meaning idealists within the guild council experimented with a guild system in which standardized goods were distributed evenly between all, it led to poorly produced products, hoarding of goods and a general state of corruption. Our free trade network exploits our citizens own tendency towards self-preservation. Corruption exists and therefore it must be exploited to produce better products for all...

...If man were inherently good, generous, and outwardly focused, not leveraging nearly every circumstance to his own advantage, I would certainly favor a standardized system of equal distribution; but, history has proved decisively that this is not the case. "

-Finance ambassador Velo Feraldi V

720JE New Zaledeen City of Contemplation
"The way up is down. The path to true life is through death. In order to lead truly, you must truly become the servant of all. Turning the eye inward we feel only heat we see only darkness, turning the eye outward towards our fellow man and the Holy Presence (who formed him) we see light, we receive life and we are refreshed."
-Sister Mandela Zendallix

765JE Bogorite-Manifestus field sketches.

"The Bogs can grow military equipment at more than twice the rate that we can manufacture it. They have the added luxury of producing hardware that can think and make tactical maneuvers without an officer operating it... Holy Presence help us all". 
-Madrix Encino- Sargeant Major New Zadoch Marine corps