710JE Morantan Aeroyards

“Since their inception the Morantan Aeroyards have the been a driving force in the field of New Zadoch aeronautical engineering. While their high quality civilian air-cars have formed the financial core of the Aeroyard, recent demand by the Zado Militum has had the local factories buzzing around the clock! …. because of the demand of the front lines; it is almost commonplace that such hardware be immediately fielded even when officially operating at an experimental stage.”

Passage suspected to be attributed to either:
-Finance ambassador Velo Feraldi V or -Transport Guild leader Dranden Hadrack

700JE Bogorite ocupied Orlygustite city limits
“It seems that we have our answer: There is indeed such an political entity as the Bogorite Manifestus. We originally suspected that there was a terrorist group that had somehow usurped law and order of Orlygustite City and was seeking to plunder it of its wealth. Little did we suspect that it was Orlygustite itself firing on our anti insurgency specialist teams! Scans were taken of the area, but all we could find was the wreckage of their transport craft just shy of the river. The Bogorite Manifestus has said nothing about hostages, even after we identified each member of our anti insurgency team.”
-Lieutenant Sadar Quifar Zado Military guild.

625JE Zetta-146 Memorial Monument
“Our mission to explore the outer rim was ambitious, but simple: Get there obtain research and resources for various guild interests and get back again. Yet here we are in the middle of the outer rim with no chance to return for many, many generations…Our emergency landing (here on Zahein) was everything that we could have hoped for; smooth for the most part, with minimal casualties. After the landing, however there came the dismantling; that was the most horrid business of all. Deaths, from technological malfunctions, deaths from slight miscalculations in operating what we successfully managed to salvage, and many more deaths from radiation poisoning in the salvage process. If it were not for the bravery and sacrifice, of those willing to dismantle the Zetta-146 there would be no New Zadoch.”
 -Guild navigator Aneros Zanderon

 696JE Commercia–Biologic entrance to the Seldarian Salt mines
“I’ve heard all the rumors about them, and believe me, I never trusted them… until now! I always expected the Commercia–Biologic to at least respect the spirit of the Central Law of Ethics, even if they didn’t agree with the letters!...First the rumors, and now the documented reality of what has taken place inside the Seldarian Salts Mines...If they (the Commercia–Biologic guild) are not opposed, this Salts mine will be the very least of our worries!” 
-Neifhaen Roadlix Labor guild supervisor 2nd class

652JE New Zadoch commerce certificates and bank notes.

"The free system of Guild trade works because it exploits our citizens tendency towards greed. In order to gain more capital and ultimately; guild dominance. An individual guild must produce a useful product at a fair price that is superior to other products or commodities at a similar price. When well meaning idealists within the guild council experimented with a a guild system in which standardized goods were distributed evenly between all, it led to poorly produced products, hording of goods and a general state of corruption. Our free trade network exploits our citizens own tendency towards self preservation. Corruption exists and therefore it must be exploited to produce better products for all...

...If man were inherently good, generous, and outwardly focused, not leveraging nearly every circumstance to his own advantage, I would certainly favor a standardized system of equal distribution; but, history has proved decisively that the case. "

-Finance ambassador Velo Feraldi V

720JE New Zaledeen city of  contemplation
"The way up is down. The path to true life is through death. In order to lead truly, you must truly become servant of all. Turning the eye inward we feel only heat we see only darkness, turning the eye outward towards our fellow man and the Holy Presence (who formed him) we see light, we receive life and we are refreshed."
--Sister Mandela Zendallix

765JE Bogorite-Manifestus field sketches.

"The Bogs can grow military equipment at more than twice the rate that we can manufacture it. They have the added luxury of producing hardware that can think and make tactical maneuvers without an officer to operating it... Holy Presence help us all". 
-Madrix Encino- Sargeant Major New Zadoch Marine corps
665JE New Zadoch, Zado-Commerce-recreation guild: promotional material.

Illustrated cards promoting travel to various locals in New Zadoch. The headline text on back reads (From left to right top top to bottom):

1."Visit the Sildalarian valley!"
2."Revisit the Zeta 146 recreation park and museum!"
3 & 4."Uncover the mysties of the Verendez desert!”

750JE New Zadoch Illustrated promotional cards advertising the memorial sites for: Laberdon, and the Bahdwon Monasteries of the Holy Presence.

5-8 The text on the back of the cards reads:

"We morn, and we remember.”

765JE Zado-Militum Illustrated promotional cards featuring field painting from an unknown Zado-Militum officer.

9-10 The text on the back of the cards reads:

"Remember our brothers at the front and recollect the dark tide they hold at bay."
-Gigor Vada III Imperial Planetologist

685JE New Zadoch, Zado-Commerce-recreation guild: Promotional material. 

Illustrated cards promoting travel to various locals in New Zadoch. The headline text on back reads (from top to bottom):
1."Visit the Sildalarian valley!"
2."The green plains of Valnehawn are only a jump ship away!"
3."Adventure awaits in downtown Arian!"

-Gigor Vada III Imperial Planetologist
720JE Bogorite attack on the  Bahdwon Monasteries of the Holy Presence 

"The 720JE Bogorite Manifestus attack on the Bahdwon Monasteries, was swift and devastating for the occupants of the three great towers of the Bahdwon monks and priests. The monks worked as doctors and nurses for the poor and unfortunate citizens of New Zadock and the Bahdwon Monasteries were considered a sanctuary and a holy retreat to many, many citizens. Those that chose to ignore the Bogorite attack on the city of Laberdon (in 696JE) or those guild leaders who believed (or advertised that they believed) that attack to be a hoax or a ploy for the Zado-Militum to seize guild control were quickly silenced. If the Resolve of the New Zadoch citizens was made as hard as oak in the aftermath of the attack on Laberdon , it became as hard as steel after the fall of the 3 towers. "
-Arien Rua New Zadoch Guild historian
696JE The destruction of Laberdon

"The spark which ignited the powder keg which both New Zadoch and the Bogorite Manifestus had been dancing on for decades, was undoubtedly the defilement of Laberdon in 696JE. That tragic event set both nations on a destructive trajectory that could never be arrested without the complete destruction or absolute subjugation of one or both nations. It wasn't simply the loss of innocent life, or the destruction of one of the most beautiful cities in the empire which galvanized the animosity of the Citizens of New Zadoch, it was primarily the extent to which the Bogorite Manifestus trampled the Central Law of Ethics beneath their disfigured feet that day. Simply put, it wasn't their bloodlust which ignited the hundred year war, it was the biological weapons they created to execute that fiendish barbarity."
-Arien Rua New Zadoch Guild historian
750JE URM generation-2 "Coastal Defender" Model B

"We are intellectual beings having a biological experience...How much do we gain when we can purely and resolutely isolate our intellect, and how much are those gains fettered because of the nature of our emotional and biological shortcomings...If you were capable of entering a chrysalis, would you be brave enough enough to break that shell once you had evolved beyond the need of it?"
-Dr. Volmeer Bhrendasha (URM Premire). 
602JE Zado-Militum Tank division 

"The radical branch of the Comceria Biologic that boarded with us on the Zetta 146 has since transmuted into an enemy unlike anything the Imperium has ever seen. May the Holy Presence guide our hand in assuring that it's an enemy no other Imperial citizen ever has to face. May our course and the course of our munitions fly ever straight and true, and may the peace of the Holy Presence reign forever in this place and throughout the Imperium  "
-General Kohar Zado
615JE Zado-Militum Tank division R&D

"A young Zado-militum engineer asked me what our criteria is for a viable battle machine is....

...."Is it fast, is it deadly, is gonna last more than 15 para secs on the battle field?""
-Tank Colonel Derk Haz
597JE Zado-Militum "Zado" Company

"What is really at stake here and what are we really defending? Our nation? The Imperium? The Central law of Ethics? We fight, we bleed, and we die to defend the one thing that makes the nation, the Imperium or the Central Law of Ethics worth defending; what is really at stake here is maintaing a handhold on our own humanity."
-Captain SevĂ© Zado